Event Description: Throttle Wars

  • Bot Specification:

    1. The vehicle should be designed so that it fits in an 800mm X 700 mm box at any given point of time in the race. This is excluding the remote controller.
    2. It is essential that the car be designed with an internal combustion engine (IC engine). Motors etc. should not be the main driving sources of the car. However, for steering mechanisms or any other mechanism apart from propulsion, DC motors and servos can be used.
    3. Only one IC engine should be used in the vehicle. Use of any other sources such as chemicals, compressed gas, rockets etc. for propulsion is not allowed. The allowed capacity of IC engine to be used is 4.5 cc or less.
    4. The vehicle has to be necessarily controlled by a wireless remote control system throughout the competition. The vehicle must have two remote controllers of different frequencies or an alternate frequency remote control circuit which can be switched to either frequency before the start of the round. This is done to avoid frequency interference between the two competing vehicles.
    5. Remote control systems from toys or the ones purchased from a market might be used without any fear of penalization.
    6. The vehicle parts can be ready made. But there will be extra points if you make chassis and steering mechanism by yourself (See judging criteria for more detail).
    7. If you are making your own car, then other functional parts like motors and servos, gears, springs, engine, remote control systems, batteries, wheels, braking mechanism are allowed to be used as directly available from the market.
    8. It is essential that the vehicle has an onboard power supply to provide electricity to any mechanism requiring electric power.
    9. Electric voltage not more than 12V should be used in the machine wherever required.
    10. Participants are advised to use a proper cooling mechanism to prevent overheating of the engine.
    11. Verify with the organizers if you have the slightest doubt whether a component can be used or not. Please do not hesitate. Designs not complying with the vehicle specifications will be disqualified.

    Arena Specifications

    To be released soon.


    1. The track will have checkpoints at regular intervals.
    2. In case a machine tumbles, or halts, or goes off the arena at any point on the track, only one of the participants is allowed to lift it up and place it at the nearest checkpoint behind that point. (Previous two rules are for non-racing rounds. The rules for racing round will be explained on the spot)
    3. Until and unless there is a need to touch the vehicle as stated above, they have to be fully remote controlled throughout the race.
    4. Every time the machine requires lifting by the team member, a time-penalty will be imposed.
    5. Any vehicle is not allowed to leave any disintegrated part on the race track amidst the race. In case this happens, the team will be disqualified.
    6. The teams are also not allowed to damage the opponent's vehicle deliberately. If found guilty, the accused team will be disqualified.
    7. There will be a time-penalty for reverse gearing.
    8. Teams may consist of a maximum of 4 members.

    General Rules

    1. Participants should posses a valid identity card from their respective Institutions
    2. Depending on the number of teams participating and other time constraints, the arena will be given to the participants for practicing.
    3. The time slots will be given on the basis of first come first serve basis, but a little duration of time for practicing is assured to everyone.
    4. Each team must come up with its own, unique team name.
    5. Organizers reserve the right to change any of the above rules.
    6. Participants can address their queries via e-mail or forums and directly by calling up the organizers.
    7. For help and reference, some material will be uploaded soon.
    8. The decision of the organizers’ and judges’ shall be considered as final and binding on all.
    9. If there are less than 5 teams registered , event will be cancelled.

    Judging Criteria:
    1. Driving ability and application skills of the participants shall also be put to test.
    2. Lap time will be another criterion to decide the winner.

    Event Coordinators:

    • Akshita: +918197478666
    • Dheeraj: +919515956736
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